Canyoning in Pokhara

Trip Overview

Pokhara Canyoning is another exciting and thrilling activity for adventure lovers. It is one of the best and incredible adventures to escape everyday life and get refreshment in water. Pokhara Canyoning is situated at Ghalel Village around 22 km in distance to the northeast from Pokhara city. By drive, it takes about 1 hour to reach the canyoning site from Pokhara city.

Pokhara Canyoning came into operation in 2014 and it is the first canyoning that introduced near Pokhara. Pokhara Canyoning is at Kudi waterfall. You will do canyoning descending through a series of 45 meters or 75 meters waterfall through canyon rappelling. 45 meters is basic and 75 meters are advanced canyoning.

Pokhara Canyoning at Ghalel Nepal

Indeed, canyoning is a kind of adrenaline sport that involves descending down a series of waterfalls through a canyon rappelling, jumping, sliding, and boulder scrambling. It is an equally exciting challenge both physically and mentally and yet it provides an amazing refresh experience that will obviously be your unforgettable moments.

Further, canyoning is also like a sport that mixes adrenaline and natural beauty in equal measure. When it comes to adventure sports, there is a huge variation in styles and tastes. In almost every form of landscape, there is a sport to help explore and push comfort zones and experience nature in its raw beauty.

In a short time, Pokhara Canyoning has provided a taste of an extremely thrilling and intimate experience to many people. Before embarking on Canyoning you will be well trained by professional guides who focus on your safety. So, join Pokhara Canyoning and challenge yourself in ways you’d never dreamed of in cave canyoning or plunge down the 45 meters and 75 meters of raw adrenaline-pumping waterfalls and into the crystal clear pools.

While traveling from Pokhara to the Canyoning site at Ghalel village, you can enjoy beautiful views of Mt. Fishtail which come in front to make your journey special and make more relax. On the driving route on another side, you can also explore the Mardi River and green forest which is the main source of irrigation for the paddy field and also the main source of drinking water for Pokhara valley. So it is a short but very scenic drive which provides you another pleasurable experience. Once you reach the canyoning place, you will be also welcomed by the canyoning team with great hospitality.


1. Canyoning only
2. Canyoning Day Trip (Canyoning + meal + two-way transportation from Pokhara)
3. Full Package (Canyoning + 3 Times Meal + 1-night Accommodation + two-way transportation from Pokhara)
3. Overnight Only (Dinner + Breakfast + Accommodation)
4. Overnight experience trip (Dinner + Breakfast + Accommodation + Two-way Transportation)

For the price of Pokhara Canyoning and further information, please contact us.


• Flexible clothes fitted under a wetsuit
• Sports shoes or hiking shoes for the walk to the canyon
• Towel
• Sunscreen/sunscreen lip assurance
• Water bottle
• Extra clothes/garments for change after canyoning

Lwang village nearby the Pokhara Canyoning site is one of the most popular villages for a homestay tour. If you are also interested to stay in a local home with the local host family, taste organic foods prepared by the host harvested from their gardens/ fields, and visit organic tea garden and almond farming, please click on Lwang Village Homestay Tour for the detail.


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