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Peak Climbing in Nepal is a mountaineering activity that offers a chance to climb a Himalayan summit with elevation limit 6654 m. Nepal has several snowy mountains. The highest is Mount Everest which is also the tallest one in the world. Nepal government has categorized the mountains within the range from 5587m to 6654m under the Trekking Peaks. In Nepal, there are 1310 identified mountains which are below 6654m. The journey to the summit of those trekking peaks is recognized as Peak Climbing in Nepal.

Peak climbing in Nepal offers an experience of the best adventure trekking and expedition to both proficient and beginner climbers. In every peak climbing trip, the maximum climbing periods for the peak is set less than five days. So, the climbing seems like a small twist in trekking.

Technically all trekking peaks are not same. Some Peaks are challenging which requires great skill and previous climbing experiences, and some peaks can be climbed by novice climbers with proper guidance from the climbing guides. It is the notable fact that all peak climbing is above the snowline so it requires using ice axes, climbing boots with crampons, ropes etc. under the supervision and instruction from professional climbing guides with the license. So, all climbers should have knowledge of the use of ice-ax, crampons and ropes and they should have excellent physical fitness.

In general to say Peak climb in Nepal is a great jump for the mountaineering career. Each mountaineer who dreams to climb mighty peaks above 8000 meters starts their climbing career by summiting these trekking peaks.

In Nepal, it is illegal to climb peak without climbing permit. Nepal Mountaineering Association issues permit upon request for 33 Trekking Peaks. To obtain a climbing permit it requires garbage deposit which is refunded the climber after back from climbing.

Excellent Himalaya Trek and Expedition is a leading operator for the peak climbing and expedition in Nepal. We organize climbing trips to the various peaks of the Himalayas in Nepal. Peak climbing with us is absolutely exciting and well handled by experienced Sherpa guides. Before every summit, our guides teach you the best techniques of climbing and use of equipment. They boost your self-confidence and properly lead you to successfully summit with safe.

Best Company for Mera Peak Climbing

Mera Peak Climbing is the excursion to the summit of Mera Peak. Mera Peak at the height of 6470 meters/21247 feet is the most climbing peak after Island Peak by the trekkers. Mera peak can be climbed without past mountaineering experience. Mera Peak is a non-technical high altitude trekking peak. The ...

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing: 5844 m/19168 ft

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing (5844m/19168ft) is another outstanding summit excursion in Nepal. Naya Kanga also called by Ganja La Chuli is located in Langtang. Langtang Region is one of the popular trekking destinations with perfect alpine landscape closed to Tibet border. Bill Tillman, the renowned British mountaineer, described it as the ...

15 Days

Hinuchuli Peak Climbing: 6441 m/21126 ft

Hinuchuli Peak Climbing is the summit journey of the fourth tallest peak amongst trekking peaks in Nepal. The height of Hinuchuli Peak is 6441m/21126ft from sea level. Hinuchuli, also called by Himchuli, is located in Annapurna Himalaya Range connecting to the east face of Annapurna South. By look, it seems ...

20 Days

Saribung Peak Climbing: 6346 m/20815 ft

Saribung Peak Climbing is an exploratory climbing trip to the newly opened trekking peak. Saribung Peak, at the height of 6346 m/20815 ft, was opened for climbing in 2006. This peak is placed in the remote area of Mustang region on the range of Damodar Himal. From Lo-Manthang, the hidden city ...

25 Days

Dhampus Peak Climbing: 6012 m/19724 ft

Dhampus Peak Climbing is a moderate degree climbing in Nepal. The elevation of Dhampus Peak is 6012 meters/19724 feet above sea level. This peak stands to the northeast of Dhaulagiri Himalayan Range between Tukuche (6920m) and Dhaulagiri (8167m). In the local community, Dhampus is also famous in the name of ...

19 Days

Tent Peak Climbing: 5663 m/18563 ft

Tent Peak Climbing is an ideal peak summit for those climbers who do not intend to face difficult technical challenges in climbing. The Tent Peak, locally known as Tharpu Chuli, is at the central location in Annapurna Sanctuary. The height of Tent Peak is 5663m/18,563ft which is short than Hiunchuli and ...

20 Days

Singu Chuli Peak Climbing: 6501 m/21323 ft

Singu Chuli Peak Climbing even though technically challenging is one of the excessively rewarding summit trips in Nepal. The height of Singu Chuli is 6501m. This peak is located in Annapurna Sanctuary adjoining with Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak) and across Hiunchuli. Singu Chuli Peak was previously famous in the name ...

21 Days

Mardi Himal Peak Climbing: 5587 m/18330 ft

Mardi Himal Peak Climbing is a perfect Himalayan expedition for beginner climbers. Mardi Himal is situated in Annapurna Himalayan territory of Nepal. The altitude of this Peak is 5587m/18,330ft. It is placed alongside Mount Fishtail (locally known as Machhapuchare Himal). Mardi Himal Peak climbing is probably easiest mountain climbing in Nepal. ...

14 Days

Paldor Peak Climbing: 5896 m/19343 ft

Paldor Peak Climbing is an extensively ascending Peak in Ganesh Himal. Ganesh Himal is a subrange of the Himalayas which placed in the north-central part of Nepal.  This range, spread about 70 km, is between Langtang and Manaslu. From Kathmandu, it lies to the North West direction. The height of Paldor ...

19 Days

Yala Peak Climbing: 5732 m/ 18790 ft

Yala peak climbing is moderately easy peak expedition in Nepal. The Yala Peak (5732m/ 18,790ft) is positioned in Langtang; one of the popular trekking destinations lies in the center of Nepal Himalayan zone. To climb Yala Peak it does not need any previous mountaineering experience. Any person who has a good ...

14 Days

Chulu West Peak Climbing: 6419 m/ 21059 ft

Chulu West Peak Climbing is an inspiring mounting trip in Nepal. Chulu West is a peak in Chulu Massif (Manang Himal). Chulu West is the tallest one among all Peaks in Chulu Massif. Its altitude is 6419 m/ 21059 ft. The other peaks in Chulu Massif are Chulu East and ...

22 Days

Chulu East Peak Climbing: 6564 m/ 21005 ft

Chulu East Peak Climbing is the journey to the summit of Eastern Mountain in Chulu Range. Chulu Range also known as Manang Himal locates north of Annapurna Massif. The height of Chulu East is 6584 meters/ 21068 feet above sea level. Among several trekking peaks in Nepal, Chulu East is also ...

22 Days

Lobuche Peak Climbing: 6119 m/ 19581 ft

Lobuche Peak Climbing is a rewarding summit trip in the Everest Region of Nepal. Lobuche is the massif of two mountains Lobuche East (6119 m/19581 ft) and Lobuche West (6145 m/19664 ft). These two peaks are linked by a long serrated ridge. Technically climb to Lobuche is challenging than other ...

21 Days

Island Peak Climbing: 6189 m/ 20305 ft

Island Peak Climbing is one of the most popular trekking expeditions in Nepal. The mission of this adventurous journey is a climb to the top of Island Peak and also to visit Mount Everest Base Camp and Kalapathar. Indeed, Island Peak is the busiest trekking peak in Nepal. This peak which ...

Mera Peak Climbing: 6461 m/ 211907 ft

Mera Peak Climbing is the summit journey of Mera Peak. Mera Peak (6470 meters/ 21247 feet) is the tallest trekking peak in Nepal. This is the most climbed trekking peak after Island Peak. Mera Peak can be climbed without past mountaineering experience. Mera Peak climbing is not like a walk ...

19 Days

Pisang Peak Climbing: 6091 m/19980 ft

Pisang Peak Climbing is an admired peak journey to the Pisang Peak (6092 meters/ 19987 feet). The Peak ‘Pisang’ is located in the territory of Annapurna Conservation above Pisang village on the way to Thorong La Pass in the opposite of Mt. Annapurna Second. It is naturally formed in the ...

20 Days

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