Guide Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek

Trip Overview

Everest Base Camp Trek is a lifetime journey to the foothill of the top of the world. Indeed, Everest Base Camp Trek is a trip to experience outdoor hiking adventures in the Himalayas. On this trek, apart from Mount Everest, you will have great views of the different peaks that lie in the Himalayas. It also rewards you with the remarkable vistas of Khumbu Glacier, the biggest glacier in Nepal. Further, you will also explore the villages of the Sherpa people. In the Everest Base Camp trek, you will hike up to 5500 meters from sea level by passing through mountain valleys, ridges, the river, and also the forest.

Trekking Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek

Many people say that Everest Base Camp Trek is possible without a guide. Yes, it is possible however it is highly advised to hire one experienced trekking guide. If you have a guide during the trek your trip will become more comfortable, secure, and informative. Many people think that the guide’s job is only to show you the right trail. Yes, showing the trail is his major duty. But apart from that, he will provide you with major information about the Himalayas, villages, local lifestyle, environment, flora, and fauna.

Further, Everest Base Camp is a high-altitude journey. During trekking in High land, sometimes you may face altitude sickness. Altitude sickness should be properly handled on time. In severe cases, you need to immediately evacuate by chopper to Kathmandu. So, in such an emergency situation, if you have a guide he will handle everything well and you will be on the safe side. Not only that the guide will also help you to find out the proper lodge for your night halt and also do his level best to handle any problems you have during the trek.

In Nepal to be a trekking guide requires obtaining a guide license from the Tourism Ministry of the Nepal Government. The government awards the guide license to those who participated in the training organized by the Tourism Ministry and who also became successful in the exam conducted after the training. We employ only the experienced licensed holder trekking guide. Our trekking guides all are very sincere in their duties and always do their best to make your trip a more memorable, pleasant, and lifetime experience.

Trekking Guide Hire Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek:

If you are a group of 1 to 2 People: USD 30 Per Day Basis for a group
If you are a group of 3 to 5 People: USD 32 Per Day Basis for a group
If you are a group of 5 to 10 People: USD 35 Per Day Basis for a group

Note: In a group, if you want to pay a person wise, please divide above mentioned per-day price by no. of group members. For example: if you are 4 people, the per person cost is USD 8 (USD 32/ 4= USD 8).

The above same guide hiring cost will be applied to Gokyo Lake Trek, Three Passes Trek, and Everest Panorama Trek.

Porter for Everest Base Camp Trek

Porters are the people who carry the luggage/ baggage of the trekkers during the trek for their comfort. In the Everest Base Camp trek, if you are fit to carry your backpack/ luggage for a minimum of 11 days of trekking, it does not require the porter. During the trek every day you need to walk 6 hours on average. On long days of this hiking, if you do not have a porter, you may feel quickly fatigued and sometimes you may not complete your trip. Thus, for comfortable trekking, it is also suggested to hire porters.

Porter Hire Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek

The porter hire cost of Everest Base Camp Trek is USD 25 per day for one porter. According to the ethics of responsible tourism, 1 Porter is allowed to carry luggage/ baggage in the maximum weight limit of 25 kg. 1 Porter can be shared by two trekkers. But the total weight limit of baggage should not be above 25 kg.

The no. of porter can be hired according to your group size and requirements.

The mentioned same porter hiring cost will be applied for Gokyo Lake Trek, Three Passes Trek, and Everest Panorama Trek.

The above cost Includes:

– Wages/salary of guide or porter.
– Meals & Accommodation of guide or porter.
– Insurances of Guide or porter.

The above cost does not include:

– Transportation charge or any flight fare if it is required.
– Tips.

For Everest Trek, it will be your very wise decision if you hire a trekking guide from Katmandu for your convenience while traveling from Kathmandu to Lukla and also for a reliable, and sincere guide.

Add on the Airfare of Trekking Guide

The Kathmandu-Lukla roundtrip airfare of the Trekking Guide is USD 108. In a group of 2 people, per person payable is USD 54, in a group of 3 people per person USD 36, in a group of 4 people 27 per person, etc.

About Porter, it does not require hiring from Kathmandu. According to your requirements, we can provide you with any no. of good porters from Lukla.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about the guide, porter, and customized itinerary design for Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Lake Trek, Three Passes Trek, and any trek in Nepal.

If you are planning to Everest Base Camp Trek, for any information about this trek, and need any assistance, you can freely contact us by email at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +977 9851203181. We will always be in your support. 

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